Chasing the Heart of God - You've Got A Friend In Me

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:King David had a very important relationship with Saul's son Jonathan. What about this friendship made it so special and how we can go about building those kind of relationships?

Chasing the Heart of God - Facing the Giants

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:We all face giants from time to time. Those battles can be crucial times in our lives where we learn a lot about our trust in God. When David faced his giant, he showed us several important principles that we can use in our battles.

Chasing the Heart of God - Chasing Solitude

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Do you feel stuck in a lonely existence? Do you feel like God made you for something more? God prepared David in the fields watching sheep. It was a lonely, monotonous life, but it was what made David ready to lead.

Produce Life - Part 11 - Conclusion

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In this passage Paul contrasts the works of the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit. He finishes the passage by saying "against such there is no law". Why is there no law against the fruit of the Spirit? Is that a good thing?

Produce Life - Part 10 - Self-Control

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Why do we do things we know we shouldn't do? Why do we do things we don't even want to do? Is there any way to make progress in this battle against ourselves? Pastor Steve examines what the Bible says about self-control and some steps we can take to win those battles.

Produce life - Part 9 - Gentleness

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:In our culture, we look at strength and power as something to be wielded. The idea of bringing our strength under control and using it to benefit others is not normal, but it is something that the Spirit calls us to.

Produce Life - Part 8 - Faithfulness

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:God sticks to his promises, you can take him at his word. We, on the other hand, live in a culture that doesn't mind breaking promises. Faithfulness is rare, if we exhibit this trait it makes us look like our Father.


Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:What if Jesus didn't rise from the dead? What if he is still in that tomb? Do we live our lives in the what if, or with a certainty that Jesus is alive?

Produce Life - Part 7 - Goodness

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Are kindness and goodness the same thing? Are there important differences? Pastor Steve discusses the inner and outer component of goodness as well as the strength required to be good.

Produce Life - Part 6 - Kindness

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Kindness can be such a trite trait, something that we teach young children on after-school tv shows. In order to truly understand kindness, we must understand the kindness God has shown us. Listen as Pastor Steve tells a little-known story from the Old Testament that illustrates the kindness of God.

Produce Life - Part 5 - Patience

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:How does the Bible describe patience? Is it simply waiting for things that you want, waiting on God, or something else? Listen as Pastor Steve shows how the Bible approaches patience and how we can see that fruit in our lives.

Produce Life - Part 4 - Peace

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:It's not difficult to find conflict. The smallest thing can escalate to a massive ordeal and hurt everyone involved. But our God offers peace. Peace with God, peace with others and peace in our soul.

Produce Life - Part 3 - Joy

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Should a Christian feel happy all the time? What about when we are enduring all kinds of trials and troubles? Does God expect us to be happy then? Listen as Pastor Steve explains what true joy should look like and it's foundation in our lives.

Produce Life - Part 2 - Love

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Do you ever feel inadequate to love the way you should? Pastor Steve explains how God demonstrates, commands, and provides love in us.

Produce Life - Part 1 - Overview

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In Galatians 5, Paul paints a picture of the stark contrast between the works of the flesh (the things we try to do in our power) and the fruit of the Spirit (the life God produces in us). Pastor Steve begins to unpack the fruit of the Spirit and how deeper roots can produce more fruit.

Grow. On Purpose. - Part 5 - Pivotal Circumstances

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:If you haven't had a crisis hit your life, just wait because you can be sure it will happen. But the crazy thing is God can use these circumstances to grow our faith. Listen as Pastor Steve recounts how God worked in Joseph's life and how we can learn from him.

Grow. On Purpose. - Part 4 - Providential Relationships

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Many of us can point to certain individuals and relationships that happened at just the right time to deepen our commitment to God. But what if we could help make those kinds of relationships happen and flourish?

Grow. On Purpose. - Part 3 - Personal Ministry

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Does God need our acts of service to accomplish what He wants in this world? The answer is a resounding no, but something miraculous happens when we partner with God to serve those around us.

Grow. On Purpose. - Part 2 - Private Disciplines

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Personal Disciplines can be rather intimidating, or it can feel like something only super-spiritual people do. But it is something Jesus expected from us and God can certainly use it to grow our faith. Listen as Pastor Steve explains a few simple ways we can make Personal Disciplines more prominent in our lives.

Grow. On Purpose. - Part 1 - Overview, Practical Teaching

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:What are some of the things that have helped you grow in your relationship with God? Were those things out of your control? What if we could pinpoint the catalysts that grow our faith? Pastor Steve begins the new year with a new series designed to help you know how God grows our faith.

Christmas Is Not Your Birthday

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Giving gifts during Christmastime can be a wonderful and joyful experience. Unfortunately, if we aren't careful that experience can crowd Jesus out of the picture. Pastor Steve outlines a couple practical things we can do to remind ourselves and our loved ones that Jesus is with us.

The Gratitude Experiment - Part 4

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Unforgiveness can be a roadblock to a lot of things in our lives, but it almost certainly will inhibit our ability to be grateful. Pastor Steve looks at how Jesus described forgiveness and the gratefulness that flows from a heart that has truly been forgiven.

The Gratitude Experiment - Part 3

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Have you ever met someone who is truly generous? Is that person also a very grateful person? In this message, Pastor Steve explores the link between generousity and gratefulness and encourages us to foster a generous spirit in our hearts.

The Gratitude Experiment - Part 2

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:Sometimes we can learn a great deal about something by examining it's opposite. Pastor Jess looks at ingratitude and highlights a few things gratitude is NOT to help us understand when we slide into being ungrateful.

The Gratitude Experiment - Part 1

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Being thankful does not come naturally, but it is something that is commanded by Scripture. To make matters worse, gratitude cannot be manufactured by willpower. Listen as Pastor Steve explains the two factors of gratitude and and how your life can be a more thankful life.

Hearing From God - Part 4

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In 2013, the word FOMO was officially added to the Oxford dictionary. The acronym stands for Fear Of Missing Out, and it describes the fear people have of what they might miss if they don't go to a party or check their phone for a few hours. But are we ever afraid of missing out on God speaking to us? Pastor Steve explains all the ways God has spoken in the Bible and how active he is in the world today.

Talk With God - Part 4

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:Pastor Jess concludes the Talk With God series by highlighting 3 prayers that every Jesus follow should practice: Prayers of confession, Prayers of repentance, and Prayers of intercession.

Hosea - Part 1

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Pastor Steve begins a series on the Old testament book of Hosea, an uncomfortable story about a man who was told by God to marry a prostitute. What makes the story even more uncomfortable is how we might relate more closely to the prostitute than to the hero of the story.

Africa Mission Trip Recap

Missions Trip Team


Description:Pastors Steve and Jess and the team share their experiences and ministries during their trip to Uganda.

Be A Blessing

Guest Speaker David Grant


Description:Jesus had compassion on the people that crossed his path, and he also showeed that same compassion to us. Pastor David Grant explains some practical ways we can show compassion to the people in our lives and be a blessing.

What To Do When You Don't Know What to Do-3

Jake Moore


Description:There are many problems and decisions that we are faced with that aren't directly mentioned in the Bible, and these issues require wisdom that only God can give. Worship Leader Jake Moore shares some practical steps from the book of Proverbs to help with those decisions.

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do-1

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Many decisions in life are easy, some things are so black and white that everyone knows the right thing to do. However, we are faced with decisions throughout life that are in the gray areas, and we need God's wisdom to navigate through those situations.

A Visitor From The Future

Guest Speaker Ryan Sanders


Description:Our culture has been moving away from Christianity for several decades, and the temptation is to withdraw from culture and keep to ourselves. Pastor Ryan points out that when Paul was faced with those circumstances, he engaged the culture. In order for us to do the same we must know our King, know our enemy, and know our role.

Family Matters - Part 5

Pastor Steve and Kim Hayes


Description:Listen as Pastor Steve and his wife Kim share a conversation about some of the things that have worked for them and their family...and some of the things that haven't.

Family Matters - Part 3

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:Teenagers are at a difficult time in their lives and because of that, can make life difficult for those around them. Pastor Jess shares three principles that can help create a family culture that encourages growth and harmony.

Family Matters - Part 2

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Everyone wants an ideal marriage, ideal kids, and an ideal church. unfortunately, real life often gets in the way of that idealand our families and our faith suffer. In this message Pastor Steve shares the one question that can turn the ideal into real life.

Family Matters - Part 1

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In this first part of a series on the family, Pastor Steve shares four principles that help us realize the influence we have on the next generation, in our families and our church.


Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Empty is such a negative word in our culture. No one wants an empty wallet, an empty fridge or an empty heart. But Pastor Steve reminds us that an empty cross changes everything for us.