The Real God - The Wisdom of God

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:We often get upset with God for not doing things the way we would choose. We look at things from our one, small, perhaps out of focus perspective and expect God to do things our way. But when we see things from God's perspective it has a way of bringing blurry things into focus.

The Real God - The Holiness of God

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Holy holy holy. God is different than us, separate, unique. He is holy, perfect in every way. But we are not holy, so how can we relate to a holy God? Is there any way sinful people can really understand a perfect God?

The Real God - The Sovereignty of God

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Sovereign is one of those big theological words that makes everyone squirm a little because we're not 100% sure what it means. To make matters worse, the more we learn what it means, the more it makes us squirm. But the good news is once we can see the majesty and power of God and see him for who he truly is we can trust him more deeply than ever before.

The Real God - The Goodness of God

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good. But what about situations that don't seem so good, where is God during those difficult times? Pastor Steve examines what the book of James says about the goodness of God and what that means for us today.

The Real God - Seeking God

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Ok, so we want to know who God is. That's a noble task, but where do we start? How do we know what's true and what's not? Lots of people have seemingly conflicting ideas about who God is, who should we listen to? How do we seek God?

The Real God - Intro

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:What's the most important thing about you? Your intellect? Your attitude? The way you treat others? This new series will answer that question by looking at the Real God - the way God has revealed himself to us.

Finish Well

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:The start of a new year is a great time to think about new goals and new beginnings. But it's also a great time to reflect on the past year and be inspired to finish the race and keep the faith.

Nothing Else Matters - The Love of Christmas

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:When gifts are given at Christmastime, how do you measure their worth? The value of the gift is related to what is given and to whom it is given. The same is true of the greatest gift ever given, God's Son.

Nothing Else Matters - Love Never Fails

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Some might say failure is simply part of life. When things go wrong, we say things like, 'It could be worse,' and 'That's just the way it goes.' But what if not EVERYTHING fails? What if there is something we can count on to NEVER fail?

Nothing Else Matters - Bears, Believes, Hopes, Endures, Oh My!

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:How much should we trust others? How much should we put up with from those around us? Is there a point when we have to cut off certain relationships? The answer might surprise you.

Nothing Else Matters - Love Does Not Delight in Evil

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:We shouldn't delight in evil, right? Seems pretty straightforward, no doubt most people would agree with that statement. But what is evil? What about things that keep me from following Jesus? Are those things evil?

Nothing Else Matters - Love Does Not Insist on its Own Way

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In the busyness of life we all can become like Martha, distracted, victimized and with a distorted view of Jesus. How can we become more like Mary, less worried about the details and more focused on our Savior?

Nothing Else Matters - Love is Not Arrogant or Rude

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:When Paul wrote this letter, he wrote it to a church that was full of divisiveness, arrogance, and rudeness. They were shameful in the way they acted toward one another and in the chaos they created. How can we avoid some of those things and keep our love pure?

Nothing Else Matters - Love Does Not Envy

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:What is it about our nature that makes us unable to enjoy the success of others? Do you ever feel like life is a big competition? Pastor Steve examines those feelings and looks at the first negative statements in this chapter, love does not envy or boast.

Nothing Else Matters - Love is Kind

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:Are there times in your day when you see opportunities for kindness? Why do we so often miss those opportunities? Why do we talk ourselves out of showing kindness? Pastor Jess offers a few reminders of why kindness is so important and the impact it can have.

Nothing Else Matters - Love Is Patient

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Microwaves. Fast food. One-click orders. Same-day delivery. On-demand everything. Our culture doesn't exactly like to wait for anything, but does that affect how we love? How can we make our love patient when everything around us is impatient?

Custom Made - All You Need Is Love

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In this final installment of the Custom Made series, pastor Steve gives us a preview of the next series about love and underscores that without love, Nothing Else Matters.

Custom Made - Develop Your Gift

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Pastor Steve dives deeper into explaining the ways that spiritual gifts can manifest themselves in our lives and a few reasons to develop our spiritual gifts.

Custom Made - Which one are you?

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:There are a few different places that spiritual gifts are mentioned in the Bible, each list is a little bit different. Pastor Steve goes through several of the main gifts and gives examples of attributes they exhibit. Which one describes you?

Custom Made - Clarifying the Gifts

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:What is a spiritual gift? Is it a talent? A fruit of the Spirit? Is it something only pastors have? There are a lot of unknowns about spiritual gifts, listen as Pastor Steve sheds some light on the subject.

Custom Made - This Is Us

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Restoration is extremely popular right now. There are countless tv shows, classes you can take, you can even get old photos restored. There is a similar restoration that has taken place in the life of each Jesus follower, and we must understand what we used to be before we can understand what God wants to create in us.

Chasing the Heart of God - Famous Last Words

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Last words carry a little extra weight. They are meant to convey dying requests or advice or important guidance. 1 Kings 2 records David's last words to his son, words of encouragement and support. Words that ring true even today.

Chasing the Heart of God - You're the Man!

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:After David had his big moral disaster and cover-up, he was confronted and told his actions were wrong. Instead of fighting back or shifting blame, David humbly confessed to his sin. Pastor Steve examines how those actions make David a man after God's heart.

Chasing the Heart of God - Chasing Victory

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:The story of Bathsheba reveals a lot of junk in David's heart, and if we're honest, there are times we can see similar kinds of junk in our own hearts. So what can we do about it? Is God's power stronger than our sin? Is it something we can ever hope to overcome?

Chasing the Heart of God - Epic Fail

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Everything seemed to be going right for King David. His success had reached a pinnacle, and he probably felt he deserved to enjoy everything he had achieved. But success can actually make us vulnerable and David crashed and burned in the most epic of fails.

Chasing the Heart of God - Chasing Kindness

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In the ancient world, if a new king came to power it was normal for him to wipe out everyone loyal to the previous regime. So when David sent for King Saul's grandson, the situation was pretty dicey. No one would have expected what happened next.

Leave A Legacy

Guest Speaker Pastor Wayne Slay


Description:What will your children say about you someday? Special Guest Speaker Wayne Slay discusses what is most important in life and how God can change your future no matter what your past might look like.

Chasing the Heart of God - Not the Answer I Was Looking For

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:No. Such a small word, but it can be so heavy and devastating. It's understandable when we respond negatively to a no, but that's not what David did. Listen as we hear his response when God said no.

Chasing the Heart of God - Chasing God's Presence

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Do you take God with you everywhere you go? Is God's presence intimidating or frightening to you? When David set out to move the Ark of the Covenant, he learned a few things about God's presence and the story ends with David overflowing with joy rather than fear.

Chasing the Heart of God - Hail to the King

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:After Saul's death, David didn't automatically ascend the throne. In the years that followed, Israel had to realize that they wanted David as their king and that the throne was rightfully his. We have to wrestle with those same things when we decide who will be king of our hearts.

Chasing the Heart of God - Long Live the King

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:The characters involved in King Saul's death demonstrate that external events don't have to dictate our internal reactions. That's why David's son Solomon warns us to guard our hearts, because it determines the course of our lives.

Chasing the Heart of God - Everyone Makes Mistakes, Over and Over Again

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:What is it that causes us to repeat the mistakes of our past? When David got discouraged he feel further into mistakes that had only led him into trouble in his past. Are we all doomed to repeat the worst chapters of our history?

Chasing the Heart of God - Revenge, not as sweet as we think

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:When he was being chased by King Saul, David had an amazing opportunity to exact revenge and finish the fight. Instead, he chose to let God be the judge and refused to harm the king. Are we willing to wait for God to act the same way that David was?

Chasing the Heart of God - The Cave Dwellers

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:When David was on the run from Saul, he was forced to take refuge in caves. During these dark times, he surely felt some mixed emotions about God's provision and protection. When we are stuck in dark times like that, does that mean God has forgotten us?

Chasing the Heart of God - When Everything is Slashed Away

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:David lost the foundations of his life in quick succession, leaving him desperate and lost. When we start to lose our foundations, where do we turn? When we lose our own self-respect and there is nothing left to lose, where is our hope?

Chasing the Heart of God - You've Got A Friend In Me

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:King David had a very important relationship with Saul's son Jonathan. What about this friendship made it so special and how we can go about building those kind of relationships?

Chasing the Heart of God - Facing the Giants

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:We all face giants from time to time. Those battles can be crucial times in our lives where we learn a lot about our trust in God. When David faced his giant, he showed us several important principles that we can use in our battles.

Chasing the Heart of God - Chasing Solitude

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Do you feel stuck in a lonely existence? Do you feel like God made you for something more? God prepared David in the fields watching sheep. It was a lonely, monotonous life, but it was what made David ready to lead.

Produce Life - Part 11 - Conclusion

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In this passage Paul contrasts the works of the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit. He finishes the passage by saying "against such there is no law". Why is there no law against the fruit of the Spirit? Is that a good thing?

Produce Life - Part 10 - Self-Control

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Why do we do things we know we shouldn't do? Why do we do things we don't even want to do? Is there any way to make progress in this battle against ourselves? Pastor Steve examines what the Bible says about self-control and some steps we can take to win those battles.

Produce life - Part 9 - Gentleness

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:In our culture, we look at strength and power as something to be wielded. The idea of bringing our strength under control and using it to benefit others is not normal, but it is something that the Spirit calls us to.

Produce Life - Part 8 - Faithfulness

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:God sticks to his promises, you can take him at his word. We, on the other hand, live in a culture that doesn't mind breaking promises. Faithfulness is rare, if we exhibit this trait it makes us look like our Father.


Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:What if Jesus didn't rise from the dead? What if he is still in that tomb? Do we live our lives in the what if, or with a certainty that Jesus is alive?

Produce Life - Part 7 - Goodness

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Are kindness and goodness the same thing? Are there important differences? Pastor Steve discusses the inner and outer component of goodness as well as the strength required to be good.

Produce Life - Part 6 - Kindness

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Kindness can be such a trite trait, something that we teach young children on after-school tv shows. In order to truly understand kindness, we must understand the kindness God has shown us. Listen as Pastor Steve tells a little-known story from the Old Testament that illustrates the kindness of God.

Produce Life - Part 5 - Patience

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:How does the Bible describe patience? Is it simply waiting for things that you want, waiting on God, or something else? Listen as Pastor Steve shows how the Bible approaches patience and how we can see that fruit in our lives.

Produce Life - Part 4 - Peace

Pastor Jess Demarest


Description:It's not difficult to find conflict. The smallest thing can escalate to a massive ordeal and hurt everyone involved. But our God offers peace. Peace with God, peace with others and peace in our soul.

Produce Life - Part 3 - Joy

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Should a Christian feel happy all the time? What about when we are enduring all kinds of trials and troubles? Does God expect us to be happy then? Listen as Pastor Steve explains what true joy should look like and it's foundation in our lives.

Produce Life - Part 2 - Love

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:Do you ever feel inadequate to love the way you should? Pastor Steve explains how God demonstrates, commands, and provides love in us.

Produce Life - Part 1 - Overview

Pastor Steve Hayes


Description:In Galatians 5, Paul paints a picture of the stark contrast between the works of the flesh (the things we try to do in our power) and the fruit of the Spirit (the life God produces in us). Pastor Steve begins to unpack the fruit of the Spirit and how deeper roots can produce more fruit.